Business Overview

Thaicom connects people through digital innovations that drive sustainability throughout the value chain for the betterment of society.


About Thaicom

Thaicom was established on 7 November 1991, and the proud name THAICOM was graciously bestowed on the Company’s first satellite by King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 17 December 1991. The name Thaicom comes from “Thai Communications”, serving as a symbol of Thailand’s link to modern communications technology.

Thaicom Public Company Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the trade symbol THCOM. At present, the Company has 1,096,101,954 ordinary shares, consisting of 1,096,101,954 issued and paid-up shares. At a book value of 5 baht per share, this results in 5,499,884,200.00 baht of registered capital and 5,480,509,770.00 baht of paid-up capital for the Company (as of 31 December 2018).

Networks for Sustainability

Over the past 24 years, Thaicom Public Company Limited has focused on innovating in business and technology, creating knowledge, and leveraging expertise and resources to raise the bar within the satellite and communications industries. To support growth in the age of the Digital Economy, when rapid information delivery is used to create economic value and develop quality of life, Thaicom must continually innovate, maintaining fresh and relevant services that meet the challenges and evolving demands of both the present and the future. With clear direction in sustainability, Thaicom is a leading Asian satellite operator that not only provides world-class satellite communications services, but grows alongside society as well.

Communication is one of life’s basic needs and is essential throughout every level of society. One could not reasonably deny that communication is essential to social and economic development and plays an ongoing role in creating a balanced and prosperous environment in every sector.

However, at present, many people still lack access to modern communications. This is one of Thaicom’s most significant challenges—helping to ensure that all groups of people have unlimited access to communications and the accompanying ability to pursue higher quality of life within their communities. Thaicom understands the importance of living in community and believes that cooperation between all segments of society is an essential force for driving organizations into the future and toward sustainable growth together.


To become a leader in satellite and digital platform business in Asia


  1. To be a learning organization
  2. To deliver superior services and innovations that are responsive to life styles in digital age.
  3. To to operate the business that creates benefits for the shareholders under the principle of corporate governance.
  4. To to create social value for sustainable development


“Create value for society by combining satellite communications technology with expertise to empower communities, raise the standard of living, nurture the environment, and improve quality of life.”

Core Values

“Excellence in Technology, Passion to Challenge, Initiative in Innovation, Commitment to Contribute”

Thaicom’s vision is to be a leading Asian satellite operator, providing communications infrastructure that affords everyone the opportunity to access and benefit from satellite technology, and laying a foundation upon which businesses and society can grow sustainably. To make this vision reality, Thaicom appointed a Sustainable Development Committee (SDCOM) tasked with directing and overseeing the Company’s plans for sustainable development, both internally and externally, and ensuring plans are aligned with the Company’s business operations. SDCOM is composed of at least 5 members chosen from among the Company’s directors and senior executives and approved by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for planning and producing an annual sustainable development report to be used as a tool to communicate the Company’s sustainability progress to stakeholders, ensuring that the reporting process follows the guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). SDCOM is also responsible for presenting information gathered during the reporting process and reporting the Company’s sustainability progress to the Board of Directors, so the management can direct adjustments to improve sustainable development within the organization.

Thaicom also has a Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) responsible for carrying out important processes to drive sustainable development. Examples of SDWG tasks include auditing, analyzing, and assessing sustainable development performance as well as revising strategies to ensure alignment with the Company’s sustainable development directions.

More details can be found at Thaicom Sustainability Report

Nature of Business and Income Structure

Thaicom business comprises 3 main business operations, i.e., (1) Satellite and Related Services, (2) Internet and Media Services and (3) Telephone Business Abroad. The Company concentrates on ling-term investment and takes into account the basic factors surrounding the target company, including the trends of that business. Moreover, the Company also has the policy to invest in a proportion, large enough to enable the Company to have managerial authority to set business direction in that subsidiary or associated company.

The Company has a 30-year Domestic Communication Satellite Operating Agreement with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (currently Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, or the “Ministry”), expiring in 2021, to operate the national satellite communications project. Since its inception, the Company has launched 8 satellites, THAICOM 1, 2, and 3 (all now de-orbited), THAICOM 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The Company was also granted the following licenses from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (“NBTC”):

  • Telecommunications Business Type I License (1) ,valid for 5 years from 16 August 2016 to 15 August 2021
  • Telecommunications Business Type III License(2) to provide satellite network operator services in satellite transponder leasing, valid for 20 years from 26 June 2012 to 25 June 2032
  • Internet Services Type I License to provide mobile Internet services and Co-location services without own network under the scope of Internet Services Type I License, valid for 5 years from 7 May 2015 to 6 May 2020


  1. Type I License: a license granted to the telecommunications business operator who operates without his or her own network for telecommunications services which are deemed appropriate to be fully liberalized.
  2. Type III License: a license granted to the telecommunications business operator who operates with his or her own network for telecommunications services intended for general public, or services which may cause a significant impact on free and fair competition or on public interest, or a service which requires special consumer protection.

The Company has established the following subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures to operate and provide satellite and related services:

Name Type of Business
IPSTAR Company Limited Providing THAICOM 4 transponder services
IPSTAR New Zealand Company Limited Providing THAICOM 4 transponder services and sale of user terminals for THAICOM 4 in New Zealand
IPSTAR Australia Pty Limited Providing THAICOM 4 transponder services and sale of user terminals for THAICOM 4 in Australia
Orion Satellites Systems Pty Limited Providing satellite communications services and business solutions
IPSTAR International Pte Limited Providing THAICOM 4 transponder services and sale of satellite equipment for THAICOM 4
IPSTAR Global Services Company Limited Providing THAICOM 4 transponder services
IPSTAR Japan Company Limited Providing THAICOM 4 transponder services and sale of user terminals for THAICOM 4 in Japan
IPSTAR (India) Private Limited Sale of satellite equipment and providing technical support in relation satellite business
Star Nucleus Company Limited Providing engineering and development services, technology and electronics
TC Broadcasting Company Limited Providing broadcasting, television and telecommunications services under following licenses granted by the NBTC:
  1. License to operate network services to provide satellite TV broadcasting as a network provider without the use of frequency at the national level, valid for 15 years from 4 March 2013 to 3 March 2028
  2. Telecommunication Services Type II License to provide network and services, valid for 15 years from 10 November 2015 to 9 November 2030
International Satellite Company Limited Providing THAICOM 7 and THAICOM 8 transponder services
TC Global Services Company Limited Providing technology services
Name Type of Business
Thai Advance Innovation Company Limited (1) Sale of direct television equipment, providing system integration consultancy services for broadband networks and broadband content services under the following licenses granted by the NBTC:
  1. Internet Services Type I License, to provide internet services without their own network, valid for 5 years from 18 October 2014 to 17 October 2019
  2. License to operate network services, to provide satellite TV broadcasting network not requiring the use of frequency at the national level, valid for 15 years from 21 January 2013 to 20 January 2028
  3. License to operate TV satellite services - TV channel
Cambodian DTV Network Limited Sale of direct television equipment in Cambodia


  1. DTV has changed its name to Thai Advance Innovation Company Limited, registered on 27 November, 2018.

The Company provides telephone services through an investment in Shenington Investments Pte Ltd. (SHEN), a joint venture of the Company. SHEN is a holding company for investment in international telecommunications. Currently, SHEN invested in Lao Telecommunications Public Company, a joint venture company with the government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, this company has a 25-year license expiring in 2021. The government of Lao PDR and SHEN signed a new joint venture agreement to extend the concession another 25 years, from 2021 to 2046

Name Type of Business
Lao Telecommunications Public Company Providing fixed line, mobile phone, public phone, public international facilities and Internet services
Vimplecom Company Limited (1) Providing mobile phone services under the brand “BEELINE”


  1. LTC entered into Sale and Purchase Agreement to acquire Vimpelcom Company Limited, from the government of Lao PDR in January 2019

More details can be found at Annual Report and Thaicom Sustainability Report

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